Industry Biography


Christina Schober

Chris is a Product Team Lead for Tactical Ring Laser Gyro  in the Honeywell Aerospace Division. Recently, she supported multiple phases of the DARPA Atomic clock programs, resulting in  7 patents from her work. Earlier in her career she was a  lead Process engineer in the successful transitions from design to production for both the Integrated Flight Management Unit (IMU+GPS), and the Stinger Roll Frequency Sensor.

At Honeywell’s Solid State Electronics Division, a Senior Design Methodology Engineer. She was in the MOS VLSI Design, as project lead for CMOS standard cell library development; and a CAD trainer for circuit simulation, logic & circuit design. 

  • 16 US patents, 24 foreign patents
  • Professional  Masters and Bachelors of Mechanical Engineering from the University of Minnesota. 
  • Honeywell 2015 Outstanding Engineer award
  • Honeywell 2005 Aerospace Quest for Excellence Team award 
  • Certified  Honeywell Six Sigma Blackbelt

Recently a historical  book and newspaper articles have come out about Honeywell's development of the Ring Laser Gyro written by James Lenz. Chris was a part of the design team in 3 of the  RLG sensor product lines and Lead production engineer for two of the RLG based products.  These were part of her 38 year career at Honeywell.  Below is a link to the StarTribune article  "Miracle on the Hudson" and the origins in Minneapolis.